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This Committee aims to contribute to overall TOHOKU area by managing efficient and effective promotions of cruise ships, comprehensively inviting cruise ship passengers, and vitalizing the tourism industry, upon the organic organizations among cities, tourist spots and ports.


Ominato port1 Ominato port2 Ominato port3 Aomori Port1 Aomori Port2 Aomori Port3 Hachinohe Port1 Hachinohe Port2 Hachinohe Port3 Noshiro Port1 Noshiro Port2 Noshiro Port3 Shiuchirinagahama Port1 Kuji Port1 Kuji Port2 Kuji Port3 Funagawa Port1 Funagawa Port2 Funagawa Port3 Miyako Port1 Miyako Port2 Miyako Port3 Kamaishi Port2 Kamaishi Port3 Akita Port1 Akita Port2 Akita Port3 Ofunato port1 Ofunato port2 Ofunato port3 Sakata Port1 Sakata Port2 Sakata Port3 Ishinomaki Port1 Ishinomaki Port2 Ishinomaki Port3 Sendai Port1 Sendai Port2 Sendai Port3 Onahama Port1 Onahama Port2 Onahama Port3 Soma Port1 Soma Port2 Soma Port3